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Root Wisdom Coaching

The Power to Transform Your Life

As Women, we traditionally dedicate our lives to our family, partners, careers, and children as a focus for most of our lives.  With this external focus, it is not uncommon for us to feel disconnected from our own passions, desires, creations, joy, radiance, and sensuality.  We may be successful by all external measures and yet feel this growing sense that there must be more to life.  We lose touch with our feelings and needs. We are not clear on what we would like to create that would be the fullest expression of our actualized self.  

Women's Root Wisdom Coaching will guide you on a journey of identifying your dreams and desires to activate your potential on the level of self actualization. 


Common areas of Root Wisdom Coaching 


* Having a positive relationship with your pelvic bowl, root, and vagina

* Accessing and planting the seeds of your deepest desires

* Owning the power of your creative realm

* Connecting to your sensual and sexual self

* Accessing your joy and sense of play

* Embracing your menstrual cycle

* Welcoming the fire and wisdom of menopause

*  Bringing medicine to pelvic trauma and loss somatically

*. Balancing the aspects of Feminine and Masculine within you

The seeds of your creative potential are somatically held in your root and pelvic bowl.  Activating and clearing your root will clear the field to activate your potential for self actualization. Clearing the field may include becoming aware of old trauma imprints in your pelvic bowl, or limiting beliefs that were created in your life at a time before you had the wisdom of your current self. 

From there we will do a deep dive on breaking through your inner glass ceiling on what you have thought was possible for yourself, others and life.   We will work together in having a break through in the area you chose to self actualize in claiming a new sense of who you are on the level of identity.   We will come up with a path of powerful next steps and design ways to make your destiny pathway successful.  

A typical course of Women's Root Wisdom Coaching is 10 sessions over 10 weeks.  Additional sessions may be required combined with Holistic Pelvic Physical Therapy.

Let’s Work Together

3030 Bridgeway #110

Sausalito, CA 94965


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