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Updated: Jun 29, 2022


We live in a society that has so much mainstream culture that programs us to think that once we enter menopause and beyond, there is a steady decline in our worthiness and our abilities. Most of us struggle to hold on to some semblance of what we perceive as youthfulness in appearance and actions in attempts to slow down what we were told is a progressive downhill slope. What if we have it all wrong? What if we are living in the trance of what our patriarchal world would have us believe?

A study published in The New England Journal of Medicine found that at age 60, you reach the TOP of your potential, and this continues into your 80s.

Therefore, if you are between 60-70 or 70-80 years of age, you are in the BEST or second best stage of your life! And being in your 50’s was a close third (our gestational years preparing for 60! (SOURCE: New England Journal of Medicine 70,389, 2018)

Author Louise Hay didn’t found her company Hay House until she was in her 60’s, Model Maye Musk didn’t hit her stride until her 70’s, and artist Emily Kame Kngwarreye didn’t take up painting and revolutionize the modern art scene until she was in her 80s.

As a woman who is evolving, growing and reaching higher, the best will forever be yet to come.

At this point, you may be asking yourself, “How is this possible for me?” The good news is that you are literally hardwired in your biochemistry, anatomy, and physiology. This, in conjunction with the wisdom you have accumulated through your lifetime, a permeable connection to a field of consciousness and energy that supports you, and how you feel supported and resourced (yes your girlfriends that have your back!). You are literally unstoppable when you know how to tap into this secret sauce for rocking your life in midlife and beyond!

Let’s start with your biochemistry. In perimenopause, we start phasing out, estradiol, the form of estrogen created by our ovaries. This form of estrogen was literally intended to keep us in a mindset of procreate and nurture, a hormonal transe, induced by Mother Nature, to insure the survival of the species. It made us step up and take care of our children, our partners, and our creative or work projects in a way that could be excessively overextending ourselves. We would often put ourselves and our personal path on hold, or last. With the onset of perimenopause, our estrogen production is progressively taken over by our adrenal glands and our fat cells, producing a different form of estrogen called estriol. Estriol is an important ingredient as it awakens the creative impulse in us to self-actualize. It allows us to finally ask the questions: “What do I want to feel, create, express, and contribute, that is part of who I am, and my soul journey?” Excellent questions to spark this new phase of life!

In terms of our anatomy and physiology, we literally have the hardware, or the body parts, that are all about gestating our creative impulses. These include our uterus, ovaries, vagina, and pelvic bowl. This is true even if you have had a hysterectomy, as the energetic imprint of these reproductive organs remains strong and unbroken. Our uterus is ground zero for planting the seeds of our desires. In our younger days this could have been creating a baby or any other creative project. As we enter our wise woman years in midlife, this is where we plant the seeds, and gestate, our deepest soul desires, before we are ready to launch them in to the world. Additionally, our vagina is energetically our sacred portal in which we get to decide what we let in our put out in to the world. As with all seeds that need to be nurtured, we need to add in sunshine, fertile soil, and rain. This is where our ovaries come in. Your left ovary has the energy of our feminine power. It is where we receive intuition and guidance, the wisdom of kindness and compassion, and where we access our sense of fluidity and sensuality. Your right ovary is like your action oriented cow girl in charge of bringing out our creations into manifestation. Both right and left ovary nurture the seeds of desires and creativity that we planted in our uterus, informing the direction and growth path readying our creations to be released. When you are connected with your root and pelvic bowl, you are connected to the force of life itself! A good question for you to consider: Do you feel connected or a disconnect to your root and pelvic bowl?

The last part of creating magic in our creativity in our wise woman years is to address the blocks that are common for us women, as we try to create our best lives. These are the blocks of shame, lack and isolation. Let’s briefly look at each of these individually.

With shame, there is a self-fulfilling prophecy of what we perceive to be our inner glass ceiling, and what we think we are capable of. This was often created at a time in our lives before we had the language to understand the ramifications of it. It was false messaging received by our culture, families, religion and communities. The messages wired our brains to have self-limiting stories that included: I am not good enough; I am too much; I am alone; or I am not loveable. Doing the work to overcome these limiting beliefs is imperative. Our wise woman brains are much more capable of having a broader perspective, and seeing things for what they are.

With Lack, there is a sense of disconnect from a higher power. This higher power can be seen as a force of nature, a field of consciousness or energy, the universe, a spiritual belief, or a belief in a particular god and religion. The truth is that you were born with the blueprint to become a unique creative expression, and the “universe” is organized around you realizing that potential! It is no different than an acorn that grows to the mighty oak tree.

And finally, isolation. Our generation was raised on the heels of the feminist movement which was an amazing first step in our evolution as women. It called on us to go out there and compete toe to toe with men and claim our rightful place in the world using the same masculine energy that men used. Being called fiercely independent was the ultimate compliment. For me personally, that resulted in me being a solo practitioner, single parent, and even a solo sailor….I proved I could go it alone. Asking for support was often perceived as weakness. As we have evolved our notion of feminine power, we value a more interdependent approach, collaborating with and being resourced by each other, and supporting and championing each other. Being in circles of women that mutually sponsor each other’s greatness is an important lifeline!

So there you have all of the ingredients of our special sauce in rocking your best world in your midlife and beyond years. In summary, you have the biochemistry, anatomy, and physiology to access your generative, creative wise woman. When combined with overcoming the 3 main limiting beliefs of shame, lack, and isolation, we as women are unstoppable!

It’s time to know that midlife and entering menopause is the GATEWAY to your PRIME! It is your second spring in life. Let’s join together in like-minded communities to access our root wisdom and self-actualize in our wise woman years.

Adrienne Thomason, PT

Women’s Pelvic Physical Therapist and Root Wisdom Coach

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